Welcome to ENC 1102!

A Journey Through Writing Studies

(image credit: former 1102 student)


To get started, I’ve created  A Welcome Guide to ENC 1102 — its framework, purpose, and flow.

This is a portfolio of work for Prof. Gillespie’s ENC 1102 class at the University of Central Florida. On it, you can find student examples for the Research Proposal, Annotated Bibliography + Lit Reviews, and Research Papers. You’ll also find some helpful readings. I put it together here for  you to reference throughout the semester (note: if you are looking at this early in the semester do not get freaked out — it will all make sense in the end).

You’re probably still freaking out, so read what real-life students had to say in their end-of-the-semester: Reflections

This is a supplementary site, so you will want to refer back to Webcourses for all OFFICIAL BUSINESS like syllabus, course schedule, required readings, modules, files, and other needed things. 

In this portfolio, I have included six student journeys — from proposal to final draft:  

Now, please enjoy the comic “My Life as Researcher” a student composed as part of her final Course Reflection.

Comic Part 1

Comic Part 2

(comic as PDF, credit: Ashley Collison, spring 2019)